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2016 Year in Review: Guided Tailwater Trips

The calendar has turned and now it is time to start planning to get out and fly fish in 2017. Here are the best moments of 2016 from some of Tennessee’s best tailwater trout fisheries. Trout Zone Anglers offers both guided walk and wade trips as well as guided float trips. While most of the highlights this year happened on the boat, there were some great moments on wade trips as well.

2016 Tailwater Recap

The year started out with lots of high water. Thankfully once the generation schedules calmed down, we had good flows for the rest of the year until December. That meant that plenty of both wade and float opportunities existed across Tennessee tailwaters.

This was one of the better years for locating and sight fishing for big fish that we’ve had in a while on the Caney Fork River. Consistent flows keep the fish in one area. Once you locate a good one, you have plenty of time to go back and stalk it. The only down side to the river fishing well is that people were coming from all over to try it out. Unless you were fishing with a good local guide, you might or might not have had a good experience. If you were with a good local guide, then you probably caught several large trout. Having exact fly imitations was very important as well.

In addition to the Caney Fork River fishing well, the Clinch River and Holston River fished well also. Both rivers had some good hatches throughout the warm months and the trout responded accordingly. While most of the Trout Zone Anglers tailwater guide trips were on the Caney Fork River, trips on the Holston and Clinch were quite successful as well.

The following are some of the best moments that happened on Trout Zone Anglers tailwater guide trips this last year.

2016 Tailwater Photo Gallery