Trout Zone Anglers, LLC


Special Information

Special COVID info: During the worst of the COVID outbreak, we asked people to bring their own lunches and to follow us in their own vehicles. We are offering the option of lunch on a limited basis again for those who prefer that route. We are still asking people to follow us in their own vehicles for all trips in the Smokies. Thank you for understanding!

Please note that the Great Smoky Mountains National Park requires a parking pass. Make sure to have your parking pass purchased ahead of time. For more information, please see their website HERE

Booking and Payment

Trout Zone Anglers offers a variety of guided fly fishing trips with rates dependent upon trip length and type. All guided fly fishing trips are strictly catch and release, so please keep that in mind as you book. A $50 deposit is required at the time of booking on all trips. Any cancellation up to two weeks prior to the trip will receive a full refund minus the processing fee for cards if you paid with a credit card. Any payments made via check, Venmo, Zelle, or cash would receive a total refund. Cancellations inside of two weeks prior to the trip will lose the deposit unless I am able to rebook the day. See below under Additional Trip Information for special information on deposits for large group trips. 

We offer a variety of payment options. As a small business, card fees cut significantly into our income. Cash or check is preferred. However, we recognize that cards are helpful to some people and offer that option for those who want to use a card. There is a $15 fee added to card transactions ($5 on trip deposits) to cover the card processing fee on a per trip basis. In the event the trip must be cancelled due to inclement weather, you can either apply the payment towards a future trip or receive a refund minus the amount of the card processing fee. Payment must be completed prior to the trip departing.

Gratuity Information

We are often asked about whether it is customary to tip a guide. In a nutshell, yes it is. A gratuity is always greatly appreciated. For more information, please read more on tipping fly fishing guides at Midcurrent.

Areas of Operation and Guide Information

Guided trip rates are for rivers and streams within our usual area of operations. In the Smokies, this is primarily on the Tennessee side of the Park although we sometimes guide on the North Carolina side as well. For tailwater trips, we stick to the Caney Fork River, Clinch River, and Holston River for trout. We occasionally guide on rivers outside of this area by special request. Rivers that would specifically fall in this category include the South Holston and Watauga Rivers. There is an extra $75 per day fee for rivers outside of our usual guide area. This will be mentioned at the time of booking before you pay a deposit.

If you want to fish with a specific guide, please let us know when booking the trip. Meet the guides to learn more about each one. All of our guides are hand picked for their fly fishing knowledge, teaching skills, and attention to quality customer service. A day with any of the Trout Zone Anglers guides will make you a better angler. 

Rates for catching fish like this great brown trout on the Caney Fork

“Trophy Caney Fork River Brown Trout” © 2016 David Knapp Photography

Catch and Release Wade Trip Weekday Rates

Premium Trip Option: Backcountry Extravaganza (full day only, 1 or 2 anglers only)

$475 for 1 Angler

$575 for 2 Anglers 

Locations include the famed Abrams Creek Horseshoe or Little Horseshoe, far upper Little River, Fish Camp Prong, far upper Big Creek, the Deep Creek backcountry, and a few others that we won’t list here. These are all locations that require a LOT of extra effort to even get to. Note that our regular backcountry trips are not included under this trip and are still at the regular rates.

Standard Wade Trip Rates
Half Day (3-4 Hours)

$250 for 1 Angler

$275 for 2 Anglers

3/4 Day (5-6 Hours)

$300 for 1 Angler

$325 for 2 Anglers

Full Day (7-8 Hours)

$350 for 1 Angler

$375 for 2 Anglers

*Add $125 for a third angler on wade trip rates

Catch and Release Float Trip Weekday Rates

Half Day (3-4 hours)

$325 for 1 Angler

$375 for 2 Anglers

3/4 Day (5-6 hours)

$375 for 1 Angler

$425 for 2 Anglers

Full Day (7-8 hours)

$425 for 1 Angler

$475 for 2 Anglers

Additional Trip Information

Regular trips include flies, drinks, and a rod/reel as needed. Full day trips can include a meal if requested. For Smokies trips, we can arrange to pick up a lunch for you from a local business as needed. We are no longer providing any type of home made meals or sandwiches on Smokies trips.  Please inform me of any dietary restrictions at the time of booking if you want a lunch. Wading gear is also available for a small fee (see below) in sizes ranging from small to XL in waders and boots in men’s shoe sizes 5-13. Gratuity, fishing licenses, and parking tags (for the Smokies) are not included in the trip rates.

Given rates are for weekday trips only. We typically only guide on weekdays. On the extremely rare occasion that we make an exception and accommodate a weekend trip request, there is an extra $175 fee on all weekend trips.

We almost always limit trips to no more than two anglers. In the rare instance we make an exception and allow three anglers with one guide (wade trips only), there is an additional $125 fee for the third angler. Please note that we require an adult to accompany any minors on guided trips.

On large group trips (more than two guides), an automatic 15% service charge and 20% gratuity will be added to the trip fee. In addition, because of the large number of guides that are utilized on these large trips, trip deposits on large group trips are non-refundable. 

Feel free to ask about any current discounts at the time of booking.

Due to increasing insurance costs and requirements from the National Park Service, we require all clients to follow us in their own vehicle for trips inside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Thank you for understanding. 

Alcohol is not allowed on any guided trips. Thanks for understanding. 

Special COVID info: During COVID, we asked people to bring their own lunches and also to follow us in their own vehicles. We are now offering the option of lunches for those who want it. Let us know at the time of booking if you want to bring your own or want us to provide lunch. However, we are still asking everyone to follow us in their own vehicles. Thank you for understanding!

Catch and Release Musky Trip Weekday Rates and Special Information

Half Day

$375 for 1 Angler

$450 for 2 Anglers

Full Day

$475 for 1 Angler

$550 for 2 Anglers

Musky trips include drinks, flies and a rod/reel as necessary. I recommend one angler for each musky float, but we can accommodate two as necessary. Weekend trips add $175. 

Wading Gear Rental

Waders and Boots: $15
Waders Only:          $10
Boots Only:             $10

Insurance Forms

Our insurance requires that our clients read and agree to an acknowledgement of risk and liability waiver to go on guided fly fishing trips with us. Please download the forms below, print them off, sign where applicable, and bring them with you on your guided fly fishing trip. We will need these signed documents (one each per person) before we can begin our trip.