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Guide Trip Destinations

We are blessed with many fly fishing guide trip destinations due to the abundance of water here in Tennessee. In addition, generally mild winter weather means we can fish year round. The fishing is good year round and the catching is usually best spring through fall depending on the destination. As an angler, I love fishing in the winter. The associated solitude is well worth the sometimes cold weather.

Guide Trip Seasons

Many of the Tennessee guide trip destinations fish well even in the cold months. Most of the waters I fish really shine in the warmer months however. The prime season runs from March through November starting with the first hatches of spring in the Smokies. Dry fly fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains peaks and then the tailwaters come on strong as spring progresses. Fishing on the tailwaters is great through September although some of the largest fish of the year may be caught in October and November. Another popular option on all waters is the summer terrestrial fishing. Other people prefer the great sight fishing with midge and blackly larva on the Caney Fork River. If solitude and a chance at some very large fish is your thing, consider booking a winter tailwater float trip or musky trip.

Waters I Fish

If you want specific information on guide trips for the waters I fish, check out the details on the drop down menu at the top under guided fly fishing > guide trip destinations and then pick a river or stream or use the links below. You will find an outline of a typical day on the water for each stream. If you have further questions, please contact me of more info. I would be happy to discuss trip options with you.